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E-Commerce in Manufacturing: Quick Wins and Future Wins, Starting Now


Manufacturing SMBs are feeling more pressure than ever to modernize their businesses so they can serve their customers’ growing tech demands. Full modernization requires an eCommerce integration, but traditional eCommerce is notorious for taking a lot of time to set up. Until now…

These days, eCommerce in manufacturing has become a modern business staple, even for B2B operations. Your business customers want you to have an eCommerce solution so they can satisfy their own personal need for convenience – and if your company doesn’t provide the convenience your customers crave, your competitors will be happy to step in and fill that gap.  

As a growth-focused business leader, your mission is clear. If you’re ready to help your manufacturing SMB maintain the customer base you have while continuing to build new relationships, you’ll need an eCommerce solution that works seamlessly with your Sage 100 ERP – and you’ll need it right now.

However… eCommerce integration is known as being a lengthy, drawn-out process burdened with downtime and headaches. Or, at least, that’s how it used to be.

Fortunately for you, the experts have now figured out a fast, effective way to set up ERP-integrated eCommerce for manufacturing in just 8 weeks. The process is called the Fast Track Deployment Process, and it focuses on getting your company using eCommerce as fast as possible, so you can generate ROI immediately.  

The Fast Track Deployment Process is a quick win – and a quick win is a great start for your eCommerce path, but you need more.

Growing Beyond the Quick Win

Here’s the thing: Quick wins are just the beginning of your total path to modern eCommerce success. You need to go beyond the quick win, so you can ensure you continue to win business and market share in the future.

In other words: You need a quick win that sets up a future of winning.

To get those future wins, you need to ensure you use the right eCommerce-ERP integration platform for your company.

How to Tell If You’re Using the Right eCommerce-ERP Integration Solution for Your Business

Most experts will agree that the top considerations for choosing the right ERP-integration tool for eCommerce should be the solution’s scalability and its permanence. Focusing on scalability and permanence will help you not only get the most out of your integration solution now (a quick win), it will help you get the most out of your solution for many, many years to come (future wins).

Here’s what experts suggest you look for in an eCommerce-ERP integration solution, so you can find one that will support your manufacturing company as it grows:

  • Make sure your solution features a large number of third-party integrations that you can add on to the eCommerce-integration tool for flexible business evolution.
  • Choose a solution that makes it quick and easy to add more partners, vendors, customers, and orders to the system – with no duplicate data entry required and fail-proof data sync.
  • Ensure the solution you choose offers a full-service customer portal that empowers your customers to instantly check on their orders, make new orders, and track down invoicing history, from anywhere and at any time.

Get the Wins You Deserve with CIMcloud

Wondering what amazing ERP-eCommerce integration solution would provide everything mentioned above, plus everything below?

Well, you’d find it all in CIMcloud, of course.

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