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Why Your Customers Need A Self-Service Alternative

We've all been in a situation at a restaurant where you are waiting to order and find yourself thinking, "I'm not sure if they're going to get my order right". 

Due to the saturation of virtually every industry, customers now have more leverage than ever when selecting between options in the market and won't settle for subpar experiences. When you mess up a customer order, or even have them thinking you did, their perception of your organization will be changed and you may have lost a customer for life. If you are a fast food restaurant they may forget about a bad experience over time, but for B2B companies 

These B2B companies get tons of orders everyday and therefore don't have the time to triple check the accuracy of every single customer order. So how can they ensure accuracy on every order while offering the customization needed for expensive, complex transactions? Offer customers a self-service solution. 

"This is not what I ordered!"

Companies that offer online, self-service capabilities appeal to customers by offering efficient options to shop and purchase. But if they are ordering on non-integrated applications, your employees are still having to take those web orders and manually key them into your ERP accounting system. While this may be more efficient for your customers, it's still inefficient for your organization to add the additional step of manual entry into the ERP system. Additionally, how are your employees going to maximize productivity if they spend valuable time on unnecessary activities.

I'm just going to wait and go somewhere else

Ultimately, if customers don't have faith that your business can deliver on expectations then they are going to take their business somewhere else. 

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