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Starting the new year with a bang!

Website Pipeline starts off with a bang Website Pipeline starts off with a bang
Website Pipeline located in Greenville, SC has started 2014 with bang. 7 new employees are now a part of the family here at Website Pipeline. After having a record year in 2013, Website Pipeline is increasing its development staff by bringing 4 new developers on board. They have also hired 3 new employees to the sales and marketing team.

“We have some pretty aggressive goals for 2014, and finding talent to help accomplish those goals is a high priority. We are always on the look-out for good talent, and expect to bring on new employees this year.” – Brian Seidel (CEO), Website Pipeline.

Website Pipeline designs, builds, hosts, and supports B2B Customer Service Automation Portals. Website Pipeline’s Customer Service Automation Portal does the same thing for wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers that ATM machines did for the banking industry 20-30 years ago. It gives your B2B customers a 24/7, online option to do the things they currently have to do through your customer service staff - by phone, fax, email, and mail (things like place orders, get inventory levels & pricing, track shipments, print and pay invoices, etc). If you are running a Sage ERP - you already have most of your work done - because Website Pipeline syncs all of the business data the portal needs directly from your ERP.

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