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Pictures From Our Clemson Tailgate

I'll let you in on a little secret: the partners didn't come to our Partner Huddle last week just for the meeting on Friday. We had also invited them to tailgate with us at the Clemson-Florida State football game on Saturday.

The weather forecast for Saturday got progressively more threatening throughout the week, but we decided that we'd tailgate no matter how much worse the forecast got.  We then set out to procure the necessary equipment and supplies to make sure that sure everyone would have a good time regardless of the weather.

When sales & marketing people go shopping...

...this happens:

If you already knew that Costco has limits on how much beer you can purchase in one transaction, we'll probably get along just fine.

Another stop or two for liquor and wine, and we were set.

I should be ashamed, but I'm not.

So this happened on the way to Clemson

"Sir, what part of 'drive-thru' don't you understand?"

Actual pictures of actual tailgating

We rolled into town at the perfect time, among the last people to get non-swamped parking spots. We quickly got the tents up, the grill assembled, and then got the satellite dish and tv fired up to watch some College Gameday. 

Harvey shows off the synergy of his wardrobe choice and our liquor choice #promotesynergy

All the breakfast essentials: represented here

Eric Alexander and Darin Steward

Don Martin and Jeff Scott

Developer Louis Roselli completing a customer upgrade project

Don Martin shows off the results of his years spent emulating Tom Brady

Gary and Louis can only look in awe


You may choose your own caption for this photo


Darcy finds comfort hanging out with the food and beverage

Louis notifies the customer that he has wrapped up their upgrade

Don takes his grilling seriously

Don's wife Marissa kept us organized

Todd Martin and Louis had some serious tech talk going on

Louis, working again. Is there a theme here?

Sandy and Gary were not working. Apparently, 4 new levels of Candy Crush had just been released

Darin Steward and Greg Tisdale

WSP project manager and part-time model Spencer Patrick

Louis: not working

And then we crashed a game

Eric being told the rules of Flip Cup

Account Manager Danny Mecca

Don coaches one of our new friends on using a high release point

We become much more popular once the game started, at least until our generator went out

Yes, we made t-shirts

and, yes, there was pointing

Of course there was pointing


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