Posted by Ted Goudie on Dec 31, 2015 8:30:00 AM

We've ramped up our blogging activity this year and hope to carry that momentum into 2016. Here are the most-viewed blog posts from 2015:

1. Employee Spotlight: Mollie Woodside

Mollie's kids blew up this post on Facebook, which drove it all the way to the top spot (and it wasn't even close). She runs our Business Operations team.


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2. Employee Spotlight: Mike McCurdy

Designer Mike McCurdy looks way too young to be a grandparent, but he is, and his Facebook following all wanted to read about him.


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3. Employee Spotlight: Don Martin

Detecting a pattern yet? Yes, our people are the heart of our company and the traffic reflects that. Masterful Sales Wizard leverages his sense of style to bring traffic to our blog.


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4. Employee Spotlight: Eric Ward

Not surprisingly, the post featuring one of our co-founders ranked very highly. It also features some pretty funny stuff, which definitely helps.


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5. The Story Behind Our Growth, Part I

Brian Seidel's two-part post about what's driving our business drew a lot of post shares and traffic - along with a lot of feedback from people outside the company.


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6. Employee Spotlight: Joe Kohler

If you ride motorcycles and play guitar, and you can code, your blog post is going to get shared a lot. Thanks for the lesson, Joe.


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7. ITA Fall Collaborative 2015

Our posts with pictures and reports from industry events also tend to attract lots of Twitter retweets and views.


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8. Microsoft Dynamics User Group Summits 2015

This is another trip report from a well-attended industry event that saw many pageviews on our blog.


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9. Website Pipeline Selected as Roaring Twenties Winner

We've had several award wins in the last few months, but this post got the most views of the awards-related topics. The pictures from the event also got a lot of social media activity.


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10. Employee Spotlight: Johnathan Schofield

Rounding out the top ten is Business Development Specialist Johnathan Schofield. He's an actor outside the office, and an occasional character in the office.


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