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Why Most eCommerce Platforms Don’t Cut It for B2B

Posted by Jack Evans on Jul 19, 2019 11:21:19 AM

Beware! Look for these 3 critical B2B capabilities before deciding between eCommerce platforms for your business. 

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How to Get the Best Sage 100 B2B eCommerce Platform in Just 8 Weeks

Posted by Jack Evans on Jun 10, 2019 12:52:43 PM

When you’re overdue for your B2B eCommerce platform, you’ll know it. Potential customers will express surprise at your lack of online ordering and account management options, and even established, long-term customers will gradually cut down on their order frequency… until, one day, they stop ordering entirely.

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CIMcloud Compatible with Sage 100 2019

Posted by Jack Evans on Apr 9, 2019 11:08:51 AM
Sage 100 v. 2019 was released Friday April 5th, rolling out a variety of new enhancements and changes. Thanks to the hard work of our ERP Team, CIMcloud has confirmed that our ERP Driver and Sync Framework is fully compatible with the 2019 version!
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CIMcloud to Sponsor Sage Summit in San Diego

Posted by Jack Evans on Jan 29, 2019 11:00:00 AM
We're proud to announce that CIMcloud by Website Pipeline will be a Bronze Sponsor for Sage Summit in San Diego, February 13-15th! This event always provides a great opportunity for Sage users, resellers and ISV's to come together for a couple days to gain insights and new information on the Sage marketplace.
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CIMcloud CEO to Host State of Company Webinar

Posted by Jack Evans on Nov 28, 2018 10:30:00 AM
As we bring 2018 to a close, and shift focus to 2019, we think it's important to update our customers and business partners about the state of our company.  During a live webinar on December 11th at 11:30am ET, our CEO and Co-Founder Brian Seidel will be presenting on a variety of topics that relate to our company and the CIMcloud product. Among the many things that will be discussed, we want to focus specifically on 3 primary topics. 
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CIMcloud Hosts Partners and ISV's for Partner Huddle IV

Posted by Jack Evans on Nov 5, 2018 4:05:00 PM
CIMcloud hosted it's 4th annual Partner Huddle last week in Greenville, SC and it was a blast! This event is always a great opportunity for Sage Partners and ISV's to come together for a couple days of sharing, learning, and hanging out with friends in the space. 
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CIMcloud Travels to DSD and Wisconsin Sage 100 User Group Conferences

Posted by Jack Evans on Oct 18, 2018 9:42:44 AM
CIMcloud Sales Consultant, Eric Alexander, had a busy last week as he hit the road to attend the DSD Customer Conference and the Wisconsin Sage 100 User Group Conference. Per usual, both these events provided a great opportunity to learn and share with our friends in the space.
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Google Maps API Keys Are Now Required

Posted by Jack Evans on Sep 20, 2018 3:30:00 PM

Google is now requiring any website using the Google Maps API to have a unique API Key for the website domain name, and are charging the account owner based on the usage of the API. This change in Google’s policy will require action on your part to continue using the map on your CIMcloud website. Continue reading for information on the impact this change in Google’s policy has on your website, and next steps for you to take.

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North Carolina to Tax Out-of-State Sales Starting November 2018

Posted by Jack Evans on Sep 5, 2018 3:42:34 PM

Starting November 1, 2018, out-of-state sellers will have to start collecting and remitting North Carolina sales tax. This does not exclusively apply to North Carolina, however, as they join 23 other Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) member states. The 24 states are: Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

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CIMcloud & GDPR: What You Need To Know

Posted by Jack Evans on May 17, 2018 10:39:38 AM

Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on May 25th, 2018. Stronger rules on data protection mean EU citizens have more control over their data.

Let’s start with a short disclaimer. We are not lawyers. This blog post is not legal advice and is for informational and/or educational purposes only. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

Essentially, please seek legal advice about GDPR compliance if you haven’t already done so. Only qualified legal professionals will be able to give you and your business the best advice.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into what GDPR is and what CIMcloud is doing in response to it.

The great thing about e-commerce is that it’s easier than ever to grow your business beyond your borders—but when you’re selling in multiple countries, you need to know a bit more about how they do business and what's required to comply with their laws.

There’s a new regulation coming to the European Union in 2018, called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The rest of this blog outlines important information on the GDPR and what this new regulation means to your business.

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