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FedEx Day 2022 - It’s All Geek to Me!

CIMcloud FedEx Day 2022 Screenshot

For almost ten years now, we’ve had a tradition of holding a semi-annual “FedEx Day”. While we pride ourselves on our creativity, we can’t take credit for the idea (read about the origins of FedEx Day here), but the concept is that team members get to create something that they have to deliver overnight - hence the name.

Creations can be anything they want. It doesn’t even need to pertain to their job. Past creations include:

  • Mobile app games
  • A “lightboard” setup for making instructional videos
  • A touchscreen cornhole scoreboard

On the other hand, some FedEx Day creations have gone on to be incorporated into both our infrastructure and our products!

FedEx Day Blast From The PastUp until 2020, FedEx Day was held entirely in person at our corporate headquarters in Greenville, SC, with many team members camping out overnight at the office, taking breaks from their projects to share a beer with the other FedEx’ers, cruise the halls on a hoverboard, or play a little cornhole. While the work of creating new projects has always been the main focus, another key piece of the event is the highly competitive cornhole tournament, with the winning team getting the honor of displaying these hard-to-miss trophies in their workspaces for all to see until the next FedEx Day.

FedEx Day 2022In 2022, FedEx Day looks a little different, with only a portion of the participants actually physically in the office.

Still, a good time was had by all, and lots of cool tech was created, culminating in the “big reveal”. If you’re just here to hear about FedEx Day, now you know! But if you’re a techie type and want to hear about the nerdy stuff, read on:

FedEx Day 2022 ColtonColton wrote C++ scripts to handle mathematical/geometry calculations in an effort to learn more about C++.

FedEx Day AndrewAndrew worked on an API between a task management system and our bitbucket repo.

FedEx Day ChrisChris built a proof-of-concept interface for (similar to Outlook) viewing our internal tasks.

FedEx Day EJEJ worked on implementing a security vault for storing sensitive information and managing secure access for specific users.

Cain worked on a proof-of-concept of implementing hooks into compiled objects. 

At CIMcloud, we have a “work hard, play hard” culture. FedEx day lets our employees flex their programming muscles beyond the scope of their year-round work of providing the industry-leading Customer Interaction Management platform.

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