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FedEx Day 2016: Hoverboards, Slack, and New Code Hacks

If you follow the goings on at Website Pipeline, you are probably familiar with the semi-annual event we call "FedEx Day". If not, let's take a moment to explain.

FedEx Day is not a new concept, nor is it exclusive to Website Pipeline.

We would love to claim this idea as our own, but credit is due to an Australia-based software company called Atlassian. Atlassian helps companies organize their data, track it, collaborate about it, and detect/fix bugs in their software. But that's not their claim to fame.In 2005, they began a tradition called FedEx Day in an effort to foster creativity and innovation that would help propel the company forward at an accelerated pace.

The premise is simple; shut down all normal day-to-day activity and focus solely on technology projects that enhance or bring value to the workplace for 24 hours. At the close of each 24 hour period, (sleep deprived) employees present their finished projects in a company wide reveal.

We're not the first company to borrow this concept and use it for our own benefit, however, we like to think ours is one of the best.

Since the tradition began in 2013, our diverse team of in-house developers have built some impressive new processes and programs that not only improve the quality of work output, but also make everyone's day-to-day jobs more efficient and enjoyable.

Notable projects from past WSP FedEx Days  ]

Of course, we would be remiss not to mention the various side projects that come out of FedEx Day as well, created solely for our entertainment and amusement. Think video games with employee avatars, custom nerf gun modifications, WSP cornhole boards, and more.

This year's advancements in technology included new methods of communication across teams, improvements in data accuracy, and development collaboration tools. 

Check out some pictures from the Spring FedEx Day event below.



















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