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Employee Spotlight: Eric Johnston

Some times I sneak into Gary Lamb's office and set up One Direction knickknacks. He is their biggest fan. It's really fulfilling to see how his face lights up when there's a new item on his desk or window sill.  

Outside of that, I do a bit of discovery with clients, create plans for custom development and manage the queue of work for the development team. Occasionally, I also get to do a bit of development work.

What project/goal that you worked on are you most proud of?

I once built an entire life-size tree house out of popsicle sticks.  I was pretty depressed when I woke up and realized it was a dream, but it stuck with me and helps me strive to grow into my full potential.  I've been collecting popsicle sticks ever since.

Eric Johnston


Which movie or TV character would you be if you could choose?

Batman, or maybe Bruce Wayne.  I'm not a huge Batman fan or anything, but those gadgets are just awesome.  And a bat cave with a super computer... I could also go for any of the Star Trek characters.  I'm not a Trekky either, but I've always thought life would be simpler if we could all just wear simple (maybe even one-piece) uniforms every day.  I'd stay away from the red ones though.

Eric Johnston

Tell us about a cool celebrity encounter you've had

I was once told I looked like an actor I didn't know, but I can't remember his name.

What's your favorite hobby?

My favorite hobby is learning.  I do a few different things in my "spare" time, but it all boils down to learning something new or learning more about something old.

Eric Johnston

What programming languages are you fluent in?

My first experience using a real programming language was Turbo Pascal (not joking).  I've cursory experience with a few languages, but my primary experience has been in C#, VB.Net, and Javascript.


Eric is one of 60+ Website Pipeline employees, all of whom are in North America (we have one awesome Canadian). He won a Star Performer award in 2014. You can learn more about the Website Pipeline culture on our website, or visit our Meet The Team page to see more WSP employees.

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