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2015 Company Award Winners

At our recent Holiday Party, individual performance awards were also handed out. These awards recognize contributors from across the company, and celebrates their efforts that drive our continued growth - 2015 was another record year for Website Pipeline.

Honor Roll Awards

This award recognizes employees:  "as being a key player throughout 2015, by using their time & talents to provide valuable contributions to Website Pipeline employees & customers."

These employees made the Honor Roll for 2015:

Technical Account Manager (and face of the company), Kyle Gehrman

ERP Team Lead, Mark Davis

Design Team Lead, Matt Gleason

Developer and Training Team Lead, John Mark Smotherman

Project Management Team Lead, Charles Tennent

Project Manager, Spencer Patrick

Ticket Master, Hunter Summersett

Developer, Joe Kohler

Technical Account Manager, Danny Mecca

Designer, Steve Magee

We interrupt this Honor Roll to bring you...

...a dance-off. Of course.

Back to our Honor Roll winners...

Account Manager Nathan Welch was on a ski trip, but accepted his award via FaceTime

Software Developer, Matt Tingen

Account Manager, Bruce Brown

Software Developer, David Cohen

Software Developer, John Ek

Sales Ninja, Don Martin

Front End Developer, Jon Reece

We also had two additional winners who could not attend the event:

  • Darcy Boerio, Channel Development Manager
  • Brian Cain, Senior Software Developer

Star Performer Awards

Star Performers "are recognized as 'go-to' players amongst their peers. They have worked hard to develop their skills within their area of responsibility and uses them to support our customers and colleagues at Website Pipeline.

They consistently perform at the top of their game and have made a positive impact on the bottom line."

These employees earned Star Performer honors for 2015:

Product Release Team Lead, Jason Bagwell

Development Team Lead, Eric Johnston

One Star Performer got walkup music...

His walkup was so good even the hosts got in on the act. Sales Team Lead, Eric Alexander

Technical Account Manager, Neiman Schwartz

Project Management Team Lead, Jack Evans

Software Developer, Daniel Dara

ERP Team Developer, Andrew Kazura

Director of Account Management, Chris Bradley

Skynet Adminstrator, Tristan Walters

We also had one Star Perfomer who could not attend the event:

  • Gary Lamb, Director of Project Management/Customer Operations

Blue Vase Awards

The Blue Vase award is reserved for our highest performers, "for their outstanding contribution in 2015. Throughout 2015, they consistently and persistently demonstrated their "Go Getter" attitude by delivering the 'Blue Vase' of quality work and satisfied customers.

Simply put, they claimed more than their share of responsibility, overcame more than their share of obstacles, executed more than their share of work and delivered more than their share of results."

These employees earned Blue Vase honors for 2015:

ERP Team Technical Lead, Louis Roselli

Business Operations Manager, Mollie Woodside

Service Awards

15 years! Finance Manager, Lisa Seidel

10 years! Front End Developer, Jon Reece

Congratulations to all award winners, and thanks to all of our team for their hard and smart work in 2015. As we like to say in the office, more to come...

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