Posted by Ted Goudie on Jan 22, 2016 2:01:57 PM

The first serious storm of this Winter began overnight and continues throughout today. There is some advantage for businesses who are technology-based to adapt in conditions like this - our team can largely work remotely on days like this. On a call with us today, you may hear a bit more barking dog than a normal day, but we're still open for business!

Of course, days like this also come with their own version of Website Pipeline hijinks.

It starts with standup

As you may have read elsewhere, each Website Pipeline team has a daily standup meeting to organize their work, and the Sales & Marketing team is no exception. Not one member of this team decided to come into the office today, so we had the unusual experience of everyone at home, with their webcam on - and all wearing hats.


One of these hats is not like the others...

A brave few challenged Snowmageddon 

Our entire ERP Team made it into the office today, and weren't shy about sharing that with the rest of the company. This (d)evolved into to a massive email thread where people started sharing selfies of their work-from-home enviroment, with some special guests:

Our Junior Support Team

Director of Account Managment Chris Bradley reveals who actually handles tickets when he works from home

Uh what?

CEO Brian Seidel responded in kind. Well, sort of in kind

This started the weird part

Account Manager Clyde Fowler with his trainee Duffy

Here is where things get weird

People throughout the company started replying with products they were ordering with Clyde's picture on them:

Clyde's mug

Who doesn't need a Clyde/Duffy mug?

Clyde the mousepad

And a Clyde mousepad

Puzzled Clyde

500 pieces of Clyde can be yours

ClydePhone 6s

ClydePhone 4S

And then, really weird



 Want your own Clyde Loot?

I Want Me Some Clyde  

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