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SLA Fall Retreat 2015

The Strategic Leadership Association (SLA) Action & Accountability Fall 2015 Retreat, in Atlanta GA, was the latest event in a frenzied and hugely rewarding event season - our team has been back-and-forth all over North America these past few weeks!

The SLA is an association comprised of professional knowledge firms committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and sustaining professional growth. SLA members are consistently recognized both nationally and in their local markets for leadership, clients success, and revenue goal achievement. 

 SLA Fall Retreat Atlanta

Doug McVadon of Dorrier Underwood kicks off the event to an attentive crowd. I hope my table behaves themselves. Joining me is Wendy Gorrie of BAASS, Rob Greeno of Asyma and Angela Talano of Resolv.

Leaders use Action & Accountability to build high performance teams known for straight talk, collaboration and results. In an environment of clarity, integrity and affinity, misunderstandings, resentments, vague requests and the incomplete delivery of promises die out. Power without force is at the heart of the program. Beginning by giving participants tools to manage their own accountability, and also reveal new ways to interact with colleagues, direct reports, and clients.

 SLA Conference

Participants learned how to:

  • Save time through a more rigorous use of language.
  • Make powerful requests and elicit reliable promises from clients and colleagues.
  • Hold each other to account with no loss of affinity.
  • Use mistakes to enhance performance, rather than covering them up.

 2015 SLA Fall Retreat

Sage North America's Ed Kless

In the process, team members experience accomplishment and fulfillment and executives are inspired to elicit bigger promises and make more powerful requests. Things that have been stuck start to move. Things moving slowly gain velocity. Projects finish on time or ahead of schedule.

Photobombing at SLA Fall Retreat

Dinner at Maggiano’s, hosted by the event host The photobombers' identities are unknown at press time. Thanks to Wendy for the photo!

In addition to this great, interactive content, we found a number of opportunities for networking over great eats and drinks! SLA Retreat offered a truly unique opportunity to access to a diverse group of business leaders in a small group setting.

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