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Partner with Website Pipeline, and help your customers leverage an ERP-integrated, cloud-based e-commerce solution to capture new business, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Website Pipeline has an array of partners who sell or support ERP software and want to help their customers reach goals while expanding their own businesses. Now partners earn a $50 Amazon gift card simply for sending qualified sales leads.

We provide solutions to B2B and B2C product-based businesses that need an e-commerce solution to integrate with their ERP software. That’s our specialty and passion, and by partnering with other businesses in related fields the customers’ needs are met more comprehensively. Excellence, innovation and mutuality are the governing values embodied by our partnering program:

Excellence - the principle we strive to meet each and every day, means that we believe in doing things right the first time, and we follow words with actions.

Innovation - solving problems and constantly reaching for better solutions has made us the company we are today, but we can not succeed alone. By partnering with other companies, the customer gains from the combined talents and experience of a group. This garners them access to more knowledge and complete solutions designed to fit their needs.

Mutuality - describes an idea that all parties involved must benefit for any individual to succeed. This could not be truer than with our partners who participate in the Website Pipeline sales process. We hope to help expand their business by offering a needed solution to their customers beyond the normal scope which, in turn, extends our own business.

Who makes a good partner? Companies that are in the business of selling or supporting the various ERP packages that we integrate with and are interested in working together. All we ask of our partners is that they send us prequalified leads, after that the partner can be as involved in the process as they would like, accordingly we offer three partnering levels; lead agents, registered partners and preferred agents.

Lead agents are companies that we have a relationship with who send us the occasional lead, they are not registered in our program but do earn referral fees once projects are completed.

A registered partner signs up with Website Pipeline to actively promote our products to their customers. This requires the partner meet some eligibility requirements and more actively participate in the sales process, and in return they earn generous referral fees.

Preferred partners earn higher commissions by sending more business and endorsing Website Pipeline as their preferred ERP integration vendor.

Learn more about our partnering program today by visiting or calling us at 1-800-266-3579.

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